Cycling can be addictive but in a positive way!

If you are wondering why the thief who stole your bike zeroed in on stealing only your bike whereas there were at least scores of others parked around yours then you seriously need to sit down and listen up.

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We are into the business of helping you keep your things safe:

The last thing you want to see in your life is the snazzy bike that you bought only a few days ago with life’s saving gone in a minute of oblivion.

If you have been there and regretted it a lot, here is one offer that you must not miss come whatever may. We recommend our locks to be bought along with the costly bike that you bought. Yes, no doubt the locks that we make are slightly costlier than our competition but believe us in the long run paying us a little extra for the best in the segment will help you secure all your assets in integrity.

Why cut corners when you can stay safe?

We create locks. Rather we create masterpieces!

Each of our lock is different from the other. So, every piece that comes out of our factory is a designer piece and you can be a hundred percent sure that there is no second piece available. What this means is that the thieves can have no clue which key will go into what lock unless they have access to it actual key.

And this can be avoided to a great degree because our locks are also additionally biometrically enabled. Which means the lock will open only with the physical attributes of the owner like his fingerprint and /or his retina scan etc.

All the locks are GPS enabled:

All our locks are enabled with the latest GPS technology and can be linked to your social media. this has a big impact because in case there is tampering with your bike’s security, an alarm will physically go off which will scare the thief away for want of attracting undue attention and additionally an urgent notification will be sent to your social media sites and the GPS can be tracked to know where the mischief monger is taking your bike!